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Healty and different kind of tasty jackfruits available

JackFruit is the state Fruit of Tamil Nadu in India.Almost everyone in Tamil Nadu knows that Panruti is famous for Jackfruit, because of its taste and quality. Arasan JackFruit company is located in Panruti area and having strong connection with farmers and superwise more than 3000 Jackfruit trees and production capacity 150 tons/annum approximately. its one of the largest supplier of organic Jackfruits directly from farm to domestic needs and international exports. We are open for B2B business and we can deliver products as per customer requirments.


Fresh and healthy products available

Health Benefits

  • Cancer healer
  • Weight loss agent
  • Blood pressure reducer
  • Digestion improver
  • Insomnia curer
  • Diabetes friendly
  • Eye and skin maintainer
  • Ulcer healer
  • Bone supporter
  • Nerve system booster